Thursday, October 7, 2010

Green Hornet. The Final Boss 2010. Goonies!

the latest album from the most prolific rapper in the fucking galaxy.
goonies all over this shit (archaeologist, husky, nugz)
download here:

.artwork by tuff ghost.

1. The Final Boss - Produced By The Archaeologist

...2. Art Of Life - Produced By Husky

3. Born Again - Produced By The Archaeologist

4. They Call Him a Rapper - Produced By Husky

5. 30 Going On Infinite - Produced By Husky

6. Boom Shakalaka - Produced By The Archaeologist

7. Fields Of Weed - Produced By The Archaeologist

8. Flowers - Produced By Husky

9. Love Again - Produced By Dilla
10. Must Be Something The O.E. Said - Produced By Husky

11. Leave The Ground - Produced By The Archaeologist

12. A Good Look - Produced By Bonita Basics

13. Spacemen - Produced By Husky

14. Day By Day - Produced By The Archaeologist

15. Underneath Rain Clouds - Produced By Dj Knightlife

16. Superstitions - Produced By Dj Nugz

17. Weight Of The World - Produced By The Archaeologist

18. No Description - Produced By Husky

19. Foxy Lady - Produced By The Archaeologist

20. Snort The Beads - Produced By Dj Nugz

21. Ugly Shot - Produced By The Archaeologist

22. Fan Letters - Produced By Husky
23. Sheets Of Wind - Produced By Katryna Pellingra

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Old Man and the MPC. 2010 Beats.

new beat tape. 2010 shit. "The Old Man and the MPC" brings it back to the basics.
just an old man and his mpc and some stacks of vinyl.
this one is for all the hermits and introverts out there who don't give a fuck and stay on their grind. 1.

artwork by tuff ghost.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Chip Tooth. nintendoDS. chiptunes.

"Chip Tooth" is the name of my chiptunes project. for those who may or may not be familiar, chiptunes are music created by video game console sound chips. you can google for more info if you are interested.

"Chip Tooth" was created ENTIRELY on my nintendoDS. All sounds were created, and sequenced using the korgDS10 cart for DS. NO outside or external gear was used.

this one has honestly been done for awhile, posting it just kinda slipped my mind. so without further adieu, here it is. =]

artwork by tuff ghost.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

REPOST : Commodore 64. first release (2009)

commodore 64 first album. released in early 2009. a collection of 25+ beats made on my monome64. artwork by google images. next up will be new shit i promise.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

REPOST : Spring Breaks (2008)

playing on the same title theme as "Winter Breaks", "Spring Breaks" was created in a week over spring break in 2008. Another short EP, 9 tracks in total.
artwork by cesar.

REPOST : Winter Breaks (2007)

Winter Breaks. small little 8 track EP. made over winter break of 2007 at our old 30th street crib in phila.
artwork by cesar.

Monday, January 18, 2010

REPOST: 8 Bit Junkie (2006)

i was going through some of my old tapes and decided to repost now that they have proper art

this was my first project i ever put together back in 2006. all nintendo samples for the kid in you. if u dont like it u can suck on a poisonous mushroom.
amazing artwork by cesar.