Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cave Dwellers. Inner World. 2nd Album. FREE SHIT.

Cave Dwellers have sent another message in a bottle out to the outer world with their 2nd album, entitled "Inner World". 9 tracks of off the cuff madness put down on record.

download the ENTIRE album here:
download the ENTIRE album here:

we are trying something new with this release. you can listen to each track individually before you download, and download specific tracks if you'd like. however u wont get the album art. (album art is included with entire album download)

Tracklisting and links: (click track name to listen to each song individually)
1. pages
2. white alaskan elbowcore
3. groovin so easy
4. return to dust
5. demi moore
6. elephant
7. daylights
8. breakthru
9. fresh air

emoore - words, engineering, album art.
archaeologist - beats, production.
space cadet - good vibrations

download the ENTIRE album here:
download the ENTIRE album here:


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

C Truth - My Slice of Terra (produced by THE ARCHAEOLOGIST)

new track floating around, vocals by C Truth (1/2 of the count's ill). beat made by me. seems to be a popular beat, lol. (3 ppl have used it so far, the more the merrier i say!) its off the 8 bit junkie disc (duh)
we've done a few tracks in the past that are out there somewheres.

hope u enjoy! peace.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Psychedelic Archaeology Sound Library Series Volume 46 and some news!!

brand new. psychedelic archaeology. from the sound library series. volume 46.
mpc beats.

much more to come before 2009 is out.
be on the look out for:
Chip Tooth (made ENTIRELY on my nintendo ds)
it all started with a trip to the archive (beats recorded to analog tape and back)
NBA Jams (23 beats dedicated to the greats of the NBA)
Electro Ads (EP made from ads from the BBC back in the 60s and 70s, tribute to John Baker)
Mission II (space cadet 2nd album)
Cave Dwellers albums 2 (inner world) and 3 (cosmic gossip) (who else puts out 3 albums in less than 6 months????)
more tracks with my favorite super hero and fellow left hander GREEN HORNET